The Original Prompt

Sudrien: but just to be sure I’m saying more than “bendy foof and glub mom”

Sudrien: Imagine one of those polly pocket figurines - but fully articulated - being lovingly played with by a giant. Even at their most careful, that doll is going to get messed up

Nyallipop: Omg yes, I love it. I already have so many ideas 😍

I Have No Idea What Any of This Means

Feferi Peixes is a character from the webcomic Homestuck. A Sea-dwelling troll (actually amphibious, but there are plenty of exclusively land-dwellers), she is in fact, the only one on the troll homeworld with “royal” magenta blood. This fact places her as caretaker of the monster Gl’bgolyb, a sentient creature “the size of a city”. This also makes her the potential heiress of the troll empire, currently controlled by the galactic warlord known as Her Imperious Condescension. The Condesce would and could easily kill the former, so at the point she appears in the story, Feferi has supposedly abdicated the heiress roll, while still keeping Gl’bgolyb in check. And fed.

Things happen in the story to change this, obviously.

The commissioner, though, has a platonic interest in contortion as an artform - the training of the body to do poses beyond normal human movement, and frequently beyond the natural range of motion. A thing fequently attributed to freakshows, circuses, and losing to some singer in talent shows in western societies. But some societies - most prominetly Mongolian - understand it as an artform, and do more to encourage development. So, it’s “freakish” label is not a thing of necessity, just exposure. So hey, let’s expose some people.

Homestuck gives little reason to explicitly label any of it’s characters - troll, human, cherub, or “other” - as contortionists. But it does intentionally leave a lot up to interpretation.

The First Commission of the Sort

Nyallipop: Lort, it’s been a long long time since I’ve drawn any homestuck, but here’s a ton of fef’s with glub mom!! Something for @sudrien!1

The responce was significant

#OH MY GOSH????????????? #THIS IS THE CUTEST GL’BGOLYB STUFF I’VE EVER SEEN AAAAAA #Good glub mom oh my gosh 38D #I love thisssssssssssss2

#BLESS #BEST POST OP THANK U #aauugh she is SO CUTE #show feffers dat love mmm3

I have been given Homestuck art I never thought I’d need/wanted4

And only Somewhat confused

#it took me a hot minute to figure out if this was porn or not5

The Next Step

Nyallipop: Hey-o! Made some fef and glub moms but as I got to the end I realized it might not be what you wanted, because second guessing and all that, but I figured I’d show you an you can let me know what you think!

Sudrien: A full exploration that disappoints the fetishists would be what I want. And that takes more pages.

Sudrien: I mean… There probably aren’t enough ideas to do another mermay-like thing. Are there?

Nyallipop: Like a full 30 ish pages of exploration? I could try, but it’d take a little longer.

Yeah, those messages were dated 15 July 2017. But desipite all the troubles August delt with, they persevered.

I recieved the finished book, “fefbook”, On 14 June 2018.


The Sketches